domingo, 8 de fevereiro de 2015

II UNESC Seminar of Medical Humanities

The second UNESC Seminar of Medical Humanities happened in October 24 at CAMPUS I of UNESC (University Center of Espírito Santo Brazil). The event united Physicians, Philosophers, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Researchers from several institutions in an interdisciplinary meeting about Medical Humanities.

The first block happened in the morning with the following presentations about Thanatology:

Cultural and Philosophical Visions of Death & The Terminality of Life. Two Grand Conferences presented by Professor José Benjamin Gomes (PhD) from Pernambuco University, Historian and Philosopher.

Legal Aspects of Death. A Conference presented by Professor and Lawyer Luciana Dadalto, an expert on Bioethics and Advance Directives from Minas Gerais Federal University.

Negation of Death and Medical Utopia. Conference by Professor Hélio Angotti Neto, Dean of UNESC Medical School and Coordinator of the event. Presentation available at:

The second block included Oral Presentations in several themes from Medical Humanities:

Research integrity and the impact of conflicts of interests on society: An Analysis in the Light of the Theory of Recognition of Axel Honneth, presented by Professor Márcia Cássia Cassimiro, from Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro. The paper has been published in Mirabilia Medicinae 3 (

The Use of Eponyms in Medical Practice, presented by Medicine Academic Fleury Marinho da Silva from UNESC Medical School. The paper has been published in Mirabilia Medicinae 3 (

Beliefs, Values and Social Representations of Normal Birth, presented by Professor Luciano Antônio Rodrigues. The paper has been published in Mirabilia Medicinae 3 (

History of Medicine & Medical Education: Bioethics and Humanities, two Grand Conferences presented by Professor Patrícia Deps, from the Faculty of Medicine of Espírito Santo Federal University.

Human Body in the Philosophical Pedagogy of Ramon Llull, presented by Professor Fabrícia Giuberti from Alacant University (Spain) and Espírito Santo Federal University.

Ethics in Physiotherapy Education, presented by Professor João Wagner Rodrigues Hernandez from the UNESC School of Physiotherapy.

Bioethics and Rape: What a Physician Should Do? Presented by Medicine Academic Rafael Ângelo Ferreira da Fonseca, from UNESC Medical School.

It was a great opportunity to meet good friends and debate important questions in Healthcare. And the inscriptions for the next UNESC Seminar of Medical Humanities - in 2015 - will soon be available at SEFAM and