sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2017



Se o governo e a elite maravilhosa querem matar fetos e bebês, que criem uma escola de carrascos e executores e deixem a profissão médica em paz. Que não corrompam os médicos.

Da obra Faith & Wellness, de Rushdoony.

"The pro-life and the pro-abortion people both have strong convictions on the question of abortion, but they are agreed on one thing. They do not trust “most doctors.” It took me a while to realize this, and it came out only accidentally and/or unconsciously from pro-abortion people, but abortion has affected their view of doctors. Such a person will go to a doctor for an abortion, but can you trust a man with your life who takes life for money? (...) Psychologically, this has taken a fearful toll on the public image of doctors."

"Abortion is murder, and it is murder of a particularly repulsive sort. Many nurses report on the horrors which are commonplace in the medical practice of abortionists. Any pro-life group can give us a vivid account of what these are. These horror stories, however, are not necessary when it comes to assessing these doctors. A doctor’s calling is healing and health. The word for salvation in the Latin is salve, “health,” and both Old and New Testaments speak of salvation as the total health and restoration of man, in all his being, into the fullness of life in the Lord."

"For a doctor to become a murderer is to turn his vocation upside down. It involves, not failure or incompetence, but a reversal of all moral order. It turns his calling into a perversion."

"It thereby alters the relationship of the patient to the doctor. That relationship, with all its privacy and privilege, is intended to be a healing one. It is a medical form of the confessional, and its purpose and goal is healing. A false confessor, whether in the church or in medical practice, is a great evil, and a menace to the life of the one who seeks healing."

"Our world today is marked by a love of death and a hatred for life, and hence its anti-Christianity, and hence abortion."

"One nurse once described abortion to me as “the biggest financial bonanza ever to hit medicine.”